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Twin Ring Motegi - JAPAN

Motul Grand Prix of Japan

Circuit information

Length: 4.801 m / 2.983 miles

Width: 15m

Left Curves: 6

Right curves: 8

The longest straight: 762 m / 0.473 miles

Built: 1997

Modified: 1997

Located amongst the vast natural beauty of the northern Kanto district, the twin ring circuit at Motegi in Japan consists of a 1.5 mile oval and a 2.9 mile road course constructed to international standards. Built by Honda as the ultimate test facility in August 1997, the road circuit became home to MotoGP in 1999 whilst the oval is designed to introduce American motorsports culture to the country.

Twin Ring Motegi is a major attraction for motorsports fans all year round as it is the venue for the Honda Collection Hall, a museum which houses an illustrious collection of motorcycle, car and racing machines from throughout the ages. The complex also includes a safety and riding school, dirt track, go-karts, hotel, restaurant, shops and event halls and currently employs some 300 staff.

Balda’s thought

Japan is a track located in a place where there is nothing around, in a remote place. But I have to say I like the track, it is very stop and go with braking and restarting. It is still interesting as a track, there are some nice points, nice curves, uphill chicane.The strong braking on the straight behind the downhill is great, there it is important to take the right reference to face it properly.


ON: 6/11/1996