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Motul TT Assen

Circuit information

Length: 4.542 m / 2.822 miles

Width: 14m

Left Curves: 6

Right curves: 12

The longest straight: 487 m / 0.303 miles

Built: 1955

Modified: 2012

Since its inauguration, in 1949 Assen has hosted a Grand Prix every year, first on public roads, then on the track, also known as Dutch TT, since 1955. The track is set next to green hills that host grandstands, with 64,500 seats . In 2002 the modernization works started in 1999 were completed. In 1999 the circuit was modified with the addition of a new Grandstand, a new control tower, renewed boxes and a new press room. The track is narrow, with rapid changes of direction: we find 18 curves in all, only three of which are slow enough, connected by short straights, the longest of which is just under 500 meters. The track is very “guided” and does not show sudden braking. The last substantial modification, the one made in 2005, led to a reduction in length from the original over 6,000 m to the current 4,555 m, changes that were not appreciated by riders and enthusiasts who still regret the difficulties of the previous track (not surprisingly nicknamed “the university of the two wheels”).

Balda’s thought

Assen, the university of motorcycling, I must say that it is a track I really like. Of course it was a much longer and more technical circuit before, but even now Assen is a very technical track, a track where you need courage. Apart from the slow turn, which is the grappling hook at 5, from then on they are all curves in succession. It is a very very nice track, especially the long turn at T4 and the last chicane which is very technical, where the bike always tends to wheelie and it’s hard to control it.